8 ways to engage with your clients

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Clients are the 'Kings' for your business. The business runs truly on the shoulders of the clients. More are the clients, more are the returns. Old are the clients, more is the trust and visibility. The key to the successful business is their 'Successful Clients'.

  • Know your Clients: The foremost thing in the client management protocol is to know your clients. All the information related to the business, strengths, potentials, growth, future plans and requirements is to be gathered appropriately. Once you know them, you may end up in owning them.

  • Fix One to One Meeting: Personal interaction always counts in for something good and warm. The first formal personal meeting with your client may dig the relationship deeper. Let your client know you and your business, let you know them personally and lets have few bunches of laughter's and informal takes on the table.

  • Schedule Follow up Meetings: This is really important to keep in touch and extract timely information before the clock runs out of time. It also exchanges good vibes and connectivity.

  • Keep ringing over a schedule: This part needs some coordination and balance. Overdose may be irritating. But, no dose seems to be a lost connection. So, keep ringing after making a call schedule which may not be an overdoing.

  • Keep posting them with the Progress Reports: The clients need progress and work to be done on or before assigned dates. The best way to maintain cordiality is by posting constant updates of compassed work on timely manner.

  • Ask for Feedback: The sense of pre-eminence can be conveyed to the client by asking him/her regular feedback on the work so done. This encourages communication and builds interpersonal relationship with the client.

  • Informal Invitations: After a certain time period, one can gear up for the next level. The informal invitation goes very well if they are pitched at the right time for the right occasion. Any birthday or anniversary invite would go well to build the strong relationship.

  • Formal Invitations: The invitation for official parties, seminars, webinars, conferences and events are the great shot to be played to win a client's space. It would build the strong network along with sense of affinity among the two.

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